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Recover Faster From Workouts With CBD Oil

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Are you an athlete, a gym-goer, or just someone who likes to look after their health? If so, you might want to listen up. No matter what your athletic prowess, CBD can help you recover quickly after a workout and push yourself further.

CBD, a compound derived from the cannabis plant, is proving to be a powerful supplement for those who like to stay active. Whether they’re using it to recover faster, to train harder, or to manage pain and inflammation, health-conscious folk all around the world are singing the praises of CBD.

Many are calling CBD a game-changer when it comes to fitness. And some experts are even going so far as to say that CBD is nature’s own performance-enhancing drug. But just what is CBD and how can it help you?

The rise of CBD

Cannabis and fitness. It may sound like an unlikely pairing, but the old stereotype of a lazy pothead sitting on the sofa with a bag of chips is outdated. Nowadays, scientific research has progressed so much that we know about the many positive health benefits of cannabis. And you don’t even have to get ‘high’ to consume cannabis anymore.

These days, it seems like CBD for athletes is becoming as popular as the low carb high fat diet.

You see, cannabis is a complex plant. It contains many active ingredients. The most notable of these are called cannabinoids. The most famous cannabinoid, called THC, is the one responsible for the ‘high’ associated with using cannabis. There are many others, however.

One that is currently getting a lot of media attention is CBD. Short for cannabidiol, CBD is proving to offer a whole host of therapeutic benefits, just as THC is. Unlike THC, however, CBD is non-intoxicating. This means you can take as much as you like and you will not get ‘stoned’, ‘high’, or ‘baked’.

In fact, CBD has been shown to be antipsychotic and some studies even suggest it may offset some of the negative effects of THC, such as paranoia and anxiety. When you consider all these factors, along with the fact that it is completely legal throughout the world, it’s clear to see why there is so much excitement around this cannabis compound.

Why world-class athletes are using CBD

CBD helps recovery after exercise

As of January 2018, professional athletes were permitted to use CBD. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) bought in its new regulations which completely remove CBD from their list of banned substances. This was not long after a World Health Organization (WHO) report found no adverse health outcomes, but rather several medical applications, related to CBD.

This move by two of giant regulatory bodies reflects the value and safety of using CBD for recovery. It also led to more and more athletes to make the connection between CBD and fitness when seeking to improve their athletic performance, speed up their recovery, and enhance their overall health.

It is worth noting, however, that there has been a limited amount of studies done to directly support the effectiveness of CBD in competitive sports and the like. Having said that, scientific studies have shown CBD to have wide-ranging effects on the human body. Many of these are without a doubt beneficial to athletes, as well as those of us who simply workout in the gym, go for the occasional run, or just try to stay healthy.

Ever-growing numbers of athletes and health-conscious people are now using CBD to maintain mental alertness when it matters most, to reduce inflammation and speed up recovery after training or injury, to improve the quality of their sleep, and to regulate their appetite and weight. Now let’s find out how...

How can CBD help you recover?

Here’s what athletes are saying (and science is backing) about how CBD can help you recover, improve your athletic performance, and enhance your health.

  •    - CBD relaxes you
  • It’s vitally important for anyone partaking in strenuous physical activity to relax in between sessions. A relaxed mind and body will help you recover quicker, as well as keep you sharp and focused when you’re working out.

    CBD has been proven to be an effective analgesic (pain reliever) and anxiolytic (anxiety reliever). It also reliably reduces cortisol. This means CBD can reduce your stress response to exercise, help you stay focused throughout, and assist in recovery afterwards.

       - CBD helps you recover from injury

    Exciting new research has shown CBD to be effective at healing broken bones in mice faster than when compared with a placebo. Although the study was not on humans, the mechanisms at play are thought to be similar in both species. The results also complement older research showing CBD's effectiveness at improving bone health.

    But it’s not only broken bones that CBD helps with. Due to its well-documented anti-inflammatory properties, CBD is also an effective topical treatment for localized injuries such as joint pain, sprains and general cuts and bruises. Many athletes say that CBD helps them get back to training after an injury much faster than using traditional supplements and prescription drugs.

       - CBD encourages weight loss and regulates appetite

    While THC is commonly known to significantly increase your appetite - think ‘the munchies’ - CBD can, in fact, suppress it. This is ideal if you're cutting fat, reducing weight, or just watching your figure.

    Additionally, CBD boosts your metabolism, reduces levels of liver fat and blood cholesterol, makes you more sensitive to insulin, and protects the cells that produce insulin. Now that's impressive.

       - CBD improves sleep

    Most people are aware of the importance of sleep for overall health and wellbeing. Sleep is the primary time in which your body recovers, builds muscle, and restores your health. It is vitally important to your overall health and wellbeing.

    This is even more relevant to athletes who consistently push themselves physically and mentally. Especially as many athletes report poor sleep due to stress or simply being too energized when it’s time to rest their head.

    Luckily for them, CBD is proving extremely beneficial in helping many people (not just athletes) get their full forty winks. Despite actually activating the same adenosine receptors as caffeine, which is a stimulant, users report that using CBD a few hours before bedtime has a balanced, calming effect that facilitates a good night’s sleep.

    You can read more about how CBD can help improve your sleep in this extensive article.

    CBD oil and head injuries

    There is evidence to suggest that CBD is also a valuable intervention when it comes to head injuries. Researchers in Japan have found CBD to be a very potent antioxidative and neuroprotective agent.

    This could mean that CBD can not only protect the brain from injury but also that it may well help brains recover after a knock. For athletes that are often at risk of blows to the head such as football players, the use of CBD could reduce the risk of severe head injury.

    Despite the promising research that has been conducted, more studies are needed if we are to get a solid understanding of how CBD can help with head injuries. For athletes of all kinds, this research could save untold amounts of suffering. Luckily, some of the research is already underway.

    What’s the best way to take CBD?

    CBD helps muscles recover and grow

    There are many ways of consuming CBD. Whether it’s in the form of edibles, tinctures, oils, topicals, sublingual sprays, or even suppositories, each method offers its own benefits. These include different rates of absorption, targeted effects, and how long the effects take and last.

    Which method you choose depends on your preference and intentions. If you are using CBD to help your muscles recover after a workout, applying topical CBD directly to them may be best. If a good night's sleep is what you need after pushing yourself physically, a few drops of CBD oil under the tongue will be more suitable.

    It’s best to experiment on yourself. Try out different methods of application and vary your dose until you find what works best for you. After all, this is new ground we’re encroaching on and everyone's body is unique.

    How much CBD do you need?

    Please bear in mind that everybody reacts differently to CBD. Some people are very sensitive and need only a small amount, while some (although not many) don’t feel any effects even with large doses. Self-experimentation is the only true way to find your personal sweet spot.

    That said, there are some basic guidelines when it comes to determining how much CBD you should take. Here, doses are best measured as pure mg of CBD, because each product has a different concentration.

    It is best to start low, with say 2-3 mg, slowly increasing the dose over a few days until you notice the effects or you feel relaxed and relieved of any aches or pains. As soon as this happens, there is no need to increase your dose further. If you have a serious health issue, please consult your doctor for their recommendations.



    There is still much to learn about CBD and how best to utilize it. But despite that, it is becoming increasingly apparent that this cannabis-derived compound holds great promise. And not least for those of us who like to keep active and look after our health.

    As well as being 100% legal and extremely safe, CBD has been shown by scientists to offer wide-ranging health benefits. These include reducing stress and anxiety, enhancing sleep, lowering inflammation, protecting the brain, improving bone health, and much more.  

    These early findings suggest that CBD may be vitally important to pretty much everyone, especially those who partake in strenuous activities and sports. While it remains to be seen just how beneficial CBD could be in preventing and treating injuries, helping muscles recover, and improving performance overall, it is certainly worth experimenting with CBD.

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