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CBD Oil in Minnesota

There’s no need to limit yourself with your options for buying CBD. 

Whether you’re in Minnesota or any other US state, the 2018 Farm Bill allowed CBD vendors to send their products through the mail, opening up a massive online CBD industry.

With just a few clicks from your web browser, you have unfettered access to the biggest CBD market on the planet. Select from the best products, enjoy the cheapest prices, and have your CBD supply delivered directly to your door in Minnesota.

The online marketplace can be rough on vendors and manufacturers. With so much competition and so many customers, it’s hard to hide any of your flaws. 

That’s why brands which have devoted themselves to selling online -- like Sabaidee -- can’t cut any corners when it comes to the quality of our product. As a result, Sabaidee products are in a superior class of CBD. The stuff you find at your grocery store just can’t compete!

How Sabaidee Creates Minnesota’s Best CBD

We understand that there is a vital element of trust between Sabaidee and our consumers. After all, they trust us to produce something high quality enough for them to ingest into their bodies.

That is not a task which we take lightly. Our mission is all about creating only the finest products possible, something our customers can rely on for its consistency, quality, and safety. 

A cornerstone of our production process is our two step testing procedures. We subject every batch of our CBD oil to two stringent scientific tests. These tests allow us to assess the purity and concentration of our CBD oil. They also allow us to verify that each batch is free from contamination.

Our internal team performs the first round of testing in-house using a technique known as chromatography. After they’ve finished, samples are sent to an independent third party laboratory to verify our results.

All of this data is then published publicly on our Transparency Page to help our customers make informed purchasing decisions.

Commitment To Quality From Seed To Bottle

Long before our CBD oil makes its way to the laboratory, it begins its life in a hemp plant. 

Grown on a very small organic hemp farm in Colorado Springs, Colorado, these plants are treated with the utmost care, grown with a “quality over quantity” approach that allows the expert cultivators to farm small but exceptional harvests.

All that care doesn’t go to waste, either. We treat our harvest just as carefully. At no point in our processing procedures are plants exposed to chemicals or potentially harmful solvents.

Instead, all of our processing is done using CO2 extraction. This process uses heated and pressurized CO2 to extract the CBD oil from the hemp plants.

This means that when you go with Sabaidee products, you never have to worry about what is in your CBD oil. You’ll receive only the finest, cleanest, highest quality CBD on the market with every order.

If for some reason you find yourself dissatisfied with Sabaidee’s products, just return them within thirty days for a complete refund.

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