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CBD Oil in New Jersey

What if we told you that you’re already in New Jersey’s best CBD shop?

“Wait, I’m not in a store,” you might say. That’s fine, because you’ll never need to set foot in a physical store to get your CBD again.

Serious CBD aficionados know that the only smart way to buy CBD is online.

Why? Well, Where to begin?

Ordering online allows you to get direct access to manufacturer pricing, select from the widest possible inventory, easily contact the manufacturer for information, and have your CBD delivered straight to your door in New Jersey.

Once you’ve tried it -- and experienced the distinct difference of quality CBD from subpar supermarket offerings -- you’ll never go back.

How Sabaidee Produces The Best CBD In New Jersey

At Sabaidee, we’ve created a premium brand offering some of the best quality CBD products on the market today.

This isn’t something we say lightly. We are constantly poring over reviews, crunching numbers, and refining every aspect of our business from our CBD production to our direct to consumer web store.

We want to bring you the very best CBD which modern science and production techniques can produce.

That’s why we begin with exceptional hemp plants. Every drop of Sabaidee CBD begins its journey on a small organic farm in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Being grown in small crops lovingly and carefully cultivated, our specially selected strain of high CBD hemp is given every advantage and opportunity to become the best it can be.

After harvest, we use our space aged CO2 extraction methods to produce some of the cleanest and most potent CBD oil available anywhere.

This hyper modern extraction process allows us to eschew traditional solvents in favor of CO2 which has been heated and pressurized. While in this “supercritical” state, the CO2 behaves as a solvent which is used to extract our Broad Spectrum CBD oil from the hemp plant.

When the extraction has finished, the CO2 evaporates completely, leaving behind no residue or contamination -- just pure, clean CBD oil.

Look For The Results

We’re all about results. That’s why we’re absolutely in love with metrics and hard data.

We think our customers love data, too. After all, without hard data, how can you make an informed purchasing decision?

To honor this philosophy, we publish our scientific testing results for every batch of CBD we produce on our Transparency Page.

We subject our CBD to two rounds of testing. First, we use an in-house chromatograph device. Then we send samples to a third party laboratory to indpendantly test our product.

These tests allow us to assess the quality of our CBD oil, verify that it is free from contamination, and ensure that it is of the expected potency for dosage. It allows us an excellent degree of quality control and ensures that our products are properly labeled.

Best of all, it gives our online customers a direct way they can assess our products with hard real world data. Always look for the testing results of your CBD before purchasing.

Have some questions about our testing results? Feel free to get in touch with our CBD experts who will be happy to clear up any questions or concerns you have.

TO CBD....

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