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CBD Oil in North Carolina

Before the 2018 Farm Bill was signed into law, CBD wasn’t something you could buy easily in North Carolina -- if at all.

The 2018 Farm Bill allowed hemp to be farmed and processed on an industrial scale across the United States. It also allows hemp products to be sold, opening the door to markets for CBD oil and hundreds of other hemp based products.

Just a short time later, CBD transformed from an obscure oddity into America’s favorite supplement. Now you can find CBD products for sale across North Carolina and pretty much everywhere in the United States. 

Though many CBD vendors have popped up to get their share of this burgeoning market, some are of questionable quality. Thankfully, we have a very simple solution to help you avoid anything but the very best.

Buy North Carolina’s Best CBD From Your Web Browser

The 2018 Farm Bill not only made it legal to sell CBD in brick and mortar locations, but online as well. It’s completely legal to ship CBD anywhere in the United States.

That means that you can buy your CBD online and we can deliver it directly to your address in North Carolina, or anywhere in the United States.

As exciting as it might be to see CBD products displayed on store shelves, these brick and mortar retailers just can’t compete with the availability of options and the hyper competitive low prices you can find online.

While CBD is widely available in stores, there are still precious few CBD specialty shops. If you find a store that carries CBD, it likely just happens to carry CBD along with dozens or hundreds of other products.

Usually this means that if there is anyone on the staff who knows anything about the CBD products for sale, it will be precious little. You won’t be able to find the kind of in depth knowledge you need to make an informed decision.

We understand how important it is to have the personalized information you need to make an informed CBD purchase.

That’s why we try to make our CBD knowledge and expertise as accessible as possible. Have a question about CBD? Need details on a Sabaidee product? 

Whatever your questions or concerns are, we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to get in contact -- you’re just a few clicks from connecting with a passionate and informed CBD expert.

Premium Ingredients And Careful Testing Combine To Make North Carolina’s Finest CBD

At Sabaidee, all of our CBD oil is created using organic small batch hemp to ensure nothing but the finest hemp plants make their way into our production process.

We process our hemp using an extremely clean, efficient, and modern technique known as CO2 extraction. This technique allows us to extract hemp oil from our raw hemp plants using no harmful chemicals or potentially toxic solvents -- just simple, clean CO2.

Before we infuse our CBD into tinctures, creams, and other products, we perform a couple of tests. Testing begins in our in house laboratory with the help of a chromatograph device. Afterwards, we send CBD oil samples to a third party laboratory to independently test our product.

You can find the details of our tests for every batch of Sabaidee products on our Transparency Page. Know what you’re buying!

Ready to give Sabaidee a shot? Every order is backed by our thirty day money back guarantee, so you can try Sabaidee risk free right now!

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