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Is CBD Oil Legal in Ohio? Yes, And Here’s Where to Find It...

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If you live in Ohio, you may have heard recent commotion regarding the sales of CBD in your state. Just after Ohio's medical marijuana program came into effect in September, Ohio’s Pharmacy Board declared that CBD products can only be sold from licensed dispensaries.

That hasn’t stopped a number of stores from ignoring the message and keeping CBD products firmly on their shelves, claiming that their products are completely legal at a federal level.

Here's the thing: they’re right; CBD oil and other CBD products are legal in Ohio providing they are made from legally-grown hemp.

This article will tell you all you need to know about CBD oil sold in Ohio, including how to find a trustworthy brand.

Hemp oil in Ohio

About CBD Oil

Recent estimations have predicted that the CBD market will one day eclipse the entire, multi-billion dollar legal cannabis market.

Therefore, to say CBD is just a ‘fad’ would be a huge disservice. This all-natural chemical, which is proving itself to have immense therapeutic value, is going mainstream.

Medical patients young and old are benefiting from it, celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow are raving about it, and there are weekly stories in the press exclaiming its brilliance at boosting health.

Is CBD Legal?

In 2014, Obama signed what’s known as the Farm Bill. This bill explicitly allowed for the farming of hemp - which is simply low-THC cannabis grown tradtionally for industrial purposes, such as for the manufacture of textiles and rope.

CBD hemp in Ohio

THC is the compound in cannabis that gets you high. It is limited in hemp at 0.3%, which ensures hemp cannot be considered psychotropic.

There is no limit on the concentration of CBD in legal hemp plants, however. This has seen may licenced hemp farmers around the country raise plants for their CBD content in order to make CBD oil and other CBD products.

Taking all this into consideration, it can be stated that CBD oil that is derived from hemp grown under licence with less than 0.3% THC is completely legal in all 50 states of America.

Where to get CBD in Ohio?

After the Ohio Board of Pharmacy mistakenly warned retailers that all CBD sales throughout the state are illegal unless from a licenced dispensary, some store owners buckled.

Others are adamant the Farm Bill allows for hemp-derived CBD products, and continue to sell CBD.

Where to get CBD oil in Ohio?

E.R. Beach, the owner of four Hemptations stores in Cincinnati and Dayton, told that he has no intention of stopping CBD oil sales of products that he has been selling for seven years.

While physical stores have the state’s police force to worry about, out-of-state companies are more than happy to keep shipping CBD oil to Ohio.

In fact, with the potential for police involvement at physical stores a possibility, going online is your safest bet of finding CBD oil in Ohio.

We ship our Good Vibes 250mg CBD Oil to Ohio and every other state, with deliveries usually arriving in just a few days. Our products are made from organic hemp grown in Colorado and our unique blend is benefitting thousands already.

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Even as Ohio's medical marijuana program moves forward, crackdown on CBD oil sales continue. But while the authorities have a fight on their hands to remove legal hemp-derived CBD oil from stores in Ohio, the health-enhancing supplement is still legal and widely available online.

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