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Buy CBD Oil in Tennessee

When it comes to getting quality CBD, there is no reason to settle for anything but the best.

Since the 2018 Farm Bill made it legal to produce and sell CBD products in Tennessee and across the United States, hundreds of brands have sprung up to get their share of this blooming industry.

For CBD consumers, this means options. Tons of options for where to purchase and no shortage of options for what to purchase in terms of brands and products.

Yet sometimes, having so many options just makes things more complicated than they need to be. After all, most of us don’t need a dozen CBD brands. We just need one good one.

How Sabaidee Carefully Crafts Tennessee’s Best CBD

For most of our customers, buying CBD is an investment in their wellbeing. Our customers are placing a lot of trust in us. They expect results.

Not only that, they’re trusting us to prepare something they will ingest into their body.

It’s smart to be picky about what you put into your body. That’s why we go to extreme measures to ensure that nothing but the finest ingredients find their way into Sabaidee products.

The process of making CBD oil begins with the hemp plant. Our search for the best hemp on the market took us to a small farm in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Specializing in growing hemp in small batches using organic farming techniques, this farm produces a carefully selected high CBD hemp strain. These extremely high quality crops provide us with the essential raw material we need to make our CBD oils.

To get from plant matter to our super pure CBD oil, we utilize an extraction technique known as CO2 extraction. This technique uses a device which heats and pressurizes CO2, turning what is normally gaseous CO2 into a “supercritical fluid” that behaves like a solvent, extracting our Broad Spectrum CBD Oil from the raw hemp plant matter.

Once the extraction is finished, the CO2 evaporates completely. This is the safest and cleanest method of producing CBD available today. It allows us to never bring toxic solvents or questionable chemicals anywhere near our products. Just clean, simple CO2.

The Hard Evidence In Sabaidee’s Favor

We know that no matter how many online reviews you read or how much you dig through a brand’s website, it can be difficult to really assess the quality of a CBD product until you try it.

That’s why we give you access to more than the average CBD company. We publish laboratory testing results for every single batch of CBD we produce, allowing our consumers (and anyone who happens to be curious) to look at some real data about the CBD we produce.

For every batch of CBD, we perform two separate tests. First, we test it ourselves using our in house chromatograph device. Later, samples are sent to an independent third party laboratory.

You can take a look at these results on our Transparency Page.

Want to see what Sabaidee can do?

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