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Can You Vape CBD Oil?

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Can you vape CBD oil?

With the right oil, you can easily vape the CBD compounds of the cannabis genus.

Cannabidiol, abbreviated as CBD, is an active compound found in the hemp branch of the cannabaceae family. Hemp, dating back 10,000 years, has long been an industrial plant. It is used in rope, shoe, and even paper making. The classes of plants known as sativa and indica, which are smoked recreationally, drastically differ from hemp. Also called ruderalis, hemp only contains 0.3% of any mind-altering chemicals.

We use the term “marijuana” to name cannabis breeds that “get you high.” The CBD compound, however, is prized for its soothing, calming effect. The good news is that administering CBD into human cells can be done quickly. Today, the effects even last longer.

A Memorable Hemp Smoke in Vape Form

A Memorable Hemp Smoke in Vape Form

If you already benefit from the use of CBD, then “vaping it” could quicken the remedies you love. Smoking burning leaves isn’t exactly the best thing for your general wellness. The cannabidiols of hemp are harder to extract when smoking, so good luck overall. Recent interventions in the use of hemp as a medical treatment have led us to produce CBD into oral tablets. This is a safe option, but expect a delay in getting the results you want.

Edibles made from CBD can require you to wait hours for your digestive tract to absorb any benefits. Most of the challenges we face in administering cannabidiol are solved with vape pens. You may better know these as “electronic cigarettes.” Instead of caustic compounds, you’ll inhale smooth vapors when heating hemp oil into moist droplets. Breathing in raw CBD is a sure way of getting a stronger effect.

The vaporization of hemp puts CBD directly into the bloodstream where it can go to work immediately. Vapor dosages don’t get delayed by your stomach or liver.

Is CBD Oil the Same as Vape Oil?

Is CBD Oil the Same as Vape Oil?

The CBD oil we use in edibles and gel pills are not the same as the cannabidiol oil made for vaping. You need “vape oil” if you want to vaporize CBD for inhalation. The oils used for vaporization are more accurately referred to as “liquids.” The viscosity of common oil, as found in a CBD tablet, has a thickness that you’d be hard-pressed to vaporize. A thinning agent is added to CBD vape oil, instead, which allows CBD to “steam out” as soothing droplets.

Here are the two types of CBD extracts that we find around the world:

  1. CBD Oil—Your Oral Dose—A base of coconut, olive, or even hemp seed oil is used in CBD tablets. The most effective route of entry for CBD oil is sublingual. This requires a gel to be placed under the tongue before the oil eventually dissolves into your veins. “Eventually” is the key here. What might shock you when using this method are the flavors you experience. They’re not all welcoming, but you still have the choice of digesting a tablet. Just expect to wait an hour before its effect takes place.

  1. CBD Vape Oil—Your Bottled Liquid—What we’re now calling CBD “vape juice” and CBD “e-juice” are bottled in liquid form. Vegetable glycerin is the base of this liquid substance. Surprisingly, real oil is too dangerous to inhale, for it may leave traumatic incisions in your lung tissues. The CBD “liquid” we know of comes in safe, disposable containers. These bottles can be stored in a collection, and if you start using one cartridge, it can be replaced by another while still being usable later on.
Will Vaping CBD Oil Make You High?

Will Vaping CBD Oil Make You High?

People who use the term “medicinal marijuana” are often referring to the remedial effects of CBD. The cannabidiol compound doesn’t “get you high.” Use caution, however, for where you buy CBD oil dictates the active compounds within it. Legally operated shops and dispensaries use approved substances with no psychoactive effects—unless stated. Tetrahydrocannabinol, which is THC, is the high-inducing compound of marijuana.

Be sure to confirm the chemical compounds of the vape oil you purchase by reading website descriptions and product labels.

*The side effects of marijuana: the one that gets you high—It’s important to know what you’re inhaling when smoking cannabis. Inhaling products with THC in them may leave you with unwanted side effects. The side effects of THC, though no death dosage has yet to be found, consist of mental delay along with altered perceptions of time. Receptors in the brain get blocked when you consume THC. Ongoing research on CBD, however, shows that it helps your neurological system out.

Benefits of Vaping CBD Oil

Benefits of Vaping CBD Oil

Making your decision to switch to CBD vapes calls for us to revisit why vaping has become so popular with medical cannabis. In considering the legality of hemp products, being that they’re under 0.4% THC, vapes give you a safe option of taking CBD. A vape device is portable and can be recharged with a power cord or USB connection. Multiple batteries and a collection of CBD bottles equip you to enjoy your medicinal doses at any time.

Here’s a better recap of the core benefits of turning your CBD smoke into vapors:

Benefit #1–Faster Effects

The first benefit of vaporization is the quickness in which CBD enters your bloodstream. Interestingly, our blood cells make CBD difficult to absorb into our bodies. Eating hemp makes it even more challenging for your blood to accept CBD bonds and thus pushes your dosage into fatty tissue. If not in the bloodstream, CBD won’t provide the medical lift you want. Putting vaporized CBD directly into your alveoli sacs ensures that nothing is lost.

Benefit #2–Less Toxic Overall

Scientists agree that roughly 7,000 compounds combust when a cigarette burns. Though there are 600 ingredients in tobacco, these multiply by more than 10 times as burning creates new molecular structures. Fire breaks down the chemical bond of many stable particles, which is why smoke is caustic to inhale. However, you don’t have to make wild guesses about what’s entering your body when inhaling CBD vapors.

Benefit #3–More Control in Your Hands

The vape industry is so large that you’ll always have a chance to get the products you want. Not only does a myriad of companies exist, but mixing CBD vape with nicotine oil is safe and effective. From wild flavors to the amount of treatment you administer, you choose the size of your vape cartridges and the potency of your oil. Modern vapes are so popular that you’ll have a strong, thriving industry to keep supplying you with vapes.


Types of Vaporizers Used for CBD Vape Oil

CBD Vape Pens—Known for Concentrates—Vaping concentrates are enjoyed through what’s called a “dab pen.” These pens allow you to smoke pieces of the hemp flower or to burn hemp as a concentrated wax. The concentrates aren’t in liquid form, but they aren’t solid either. If you can imagine what it’s like to cook down butter or milk with sugar, then this is the same consistency you’ll find. People prefer “dab concentrates” because they, though through a vape pen, create the closest experience to real smoke.

Tank Vapes—Known as E-Liquids—Tank pens, which are ideal for CBD liquids, have enclosed tanks where your pen’s heating coils are. Concentrates require you to insert a “dab” and even actual hemp at times. The coils of a tank, however, are designed for vaporizing approved liquids. The tank itself is a storage space that can hold your CBD liquid for months at a time. These vape pens come in different sizes. You’ll find them with large batteries or with a slim profile like a pen.

Making the Most of Every Inhalation

Be open to the changes that the world of smokers is undergoing.

If you want the best remedy for the symptoms you have, don’t use your vape pen with just any CBD oil you find. Your oil needs a specific consistency that vaporizes due to an ideal level of viscosity. By relying on reputable sources, you not only remain legal, but you’ll keep your body from harm. Whatever you do, never buy CBD oil off the street.


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