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SabaiDee Is Committed To Industry Leading Transparency For Our Customers And Regulatory Bodies.

Every batch of our organically grown Hemp is extracted in a pharmaceutical grade facility following industry best practices, and is rigorously tested in-house for quality, consistency, and purity — and then is sent out to an accredited and independent third party laboratory to verify the results.

With these reports made available, you can rest assured that each product has been verified as high quality, pure, and with accurate cannabinoid contents.


How To Use This:

Every product has a lot number printed on it, typically on the bottom of the bottle.

Each lot number signifies the specific extraction batch your product came from.

Below you will find every lot number, and accompanying information, such as extraction date, expiration date, and of course, independent lab results.


Lot Number Product Extraction Date Best By Date Testing Lab Lab Reports

Good Vibes 250mg+

December 2017 June 2018 iLab Download
GV041 Good Vibes 250mg+ July 2018 January 2020 iLab Download
GV042 Good Vibes 250mg+ October 2018 April 2019 ProVerde Download
GV043-01 Good Vibes 250mg+

February 2019

August 2020 ProVerde Download
SGV043-02 Super Good Vibes 1000mg+ February 2019 August 2020 ProVerde Download