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Does CBD Oil Expire

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expiration of cbd oil

CBD oil has become a phenomenon around the globe, fueling a huge industry that nearly everyone has had some interaction with. And herein lies the problem: people may be gifted CBD oil or they may purchase it without necessarily using it all. Because people buy CBD oil for any number of reasons, it's logical that some simply might not need it very often.

They may even forget they have a bottle or two tucked away in a drawer or cabinet! So if you're wondering if CBD oil expires, we'll examine the shelf life of the oil and how it's likely to affect you.

How Long Does the Best CBD Oil Last?

how long does cbd oil last

There has only been so much research conducted on CBD oil. In fact, there hasn't been much at all considering the legal status of cannabis. However, from what people have seen, CBD oil seems to last for about a year before degrading.

If you're looking to buy the best CBD oil, then you're in for a bit of good news. Higher quality CBD oil does tend to last longer than its low-quality counterparts. This is because the manufacturers have made it with the goal of preserving the precious terpenes that make CBD effective in supporting health and wellness.

If you bought pure oil, you may find that it's crystallized as you begin to approach the year mark. This process can either slow the flow of the oil or stop it entirely. If this has happened to you, you can try heating the oil to absorb the crystals so it can be used again. Just remember that it's the original quality of the CBD oil that matters more so than how much time has elapsed from when you first purchased it.

What Will I Feel If I Take Old CBD Oil?

It's important for everyone who buys CBD oil to know that everyone reacts differently to it — regardless of how fresh the product it. There's nothing dangerous about taking old CBD oil, but you may not feel very much of anything at all if you do decide to use it after one (or two or five years). Old CBD oil may not seem very appetizing, but there's no such thing as a hard expiration date for it.

How Long Should I Wait?

If you're trying to decide if you need to take more CBD oil because you fear the older CBD has lost its effectiveness, it helps to understand the standard wait times for different types of products. For example, if you've taken CBD oil in an edible form, it can take up to two hours before you notice any difference. This kind of delayed reaction has left many people reaching for an additional (and unnecessary) serving. Make sure you're giving yourself enough leeway on the clock before you assume anything.

If I Buy CBD Oil, How Long Will It Last?

On average, new CBD oil is thought to last about four hours or so (after it takes effect). If you're taking CBD oil that is at least a year old, you may only feel it for three hours or possibly less. The amount of CBD oil in your system will begin to decline quickly after a few hours, but trace amounts will likely still stay in your system for the next few days.

How Can I Feel CBD Oil Faster?

feel cbd oil faster

Many people want to know the effects of CBD oil on them quickly. This way, they can adjust their serving size in real-time rather than waiting for an hour or more to find out how their body reacts. CBD is available in a water-soluble form that has nearly instantaneous effects. Or you can also try using it in a vaporizer, which is also a quick way to take a serving of CBD.


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