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What Is a CBD Tincture?

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CBD Tincture

In the last few years, CBD has had a massive increase in popularity. As you see more and more CBD products on the market, you may be curious about trying CBD yourself. Before you start using any new product or supplement, though, you should do your research. If you're interested in trying a CBD oil tincture, you should understand what CBD is, how to use a tincture, and what you should expect from the experience.

Since 2018, CBD derived from hemp is legal in all 50 states. CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is one of many compounds found in cannabis. While some cannabis products contain other compounds, like THC, in addition to CBD, pure CBD tinctures and oil only contain cannabidiol.

CBD products come in many forms. You can smoke CBD, consume CBD edibles, and use topical CBD creams. One of the most popular forms is a CBD tincture, which provides a highly-concentrated dose of CBD.

what is a tincture

What Is a Tincture?

A CBD tincture is an extract made by steeping the cannabis flower or isolate in high-proof grain alcohol. When low heat is applied to this mixture, the active compounds in the cannabis infuse into the alcohol. Then, the alcohol boils off, leaving a concentrated liquid that contains all the properties and benefits of CBD.

Some tinctures are CBD isolate, meaning that the only cannabis compound they contain is CBD. Others are full-spectrum products, so they contain a wider range of cannabinoids. Full-spectrum tinctures may contain THC, so they are not legal in every state. However, in states that have legalized THC products, many people enjoy full-spectrum tinctures because the compounds interact with each other to strengthen their effects.

CBD Tincture vs CBD Oil

CBD Tincture vs Oil

The general definition of a tincture is an extract made from soaking an herb in alcohol. Manufacturers often use the terms CBD oil and CBD tincture interchangeably. The products are similar, but the main difference between a CBD tincture vs oil is how they are manufactured.

Traditionally, CBD oil is made with CBD isolate, which is pure cannabidiol that is pulled from hemp using the CO2 extraction method. Then, the isolate is combined with a carrier oil, such as MCT oil or sunflower oil.

CBD tinctures are made by steeping either the flower or isolate in alcohol. Tinctures are often mixed with carrier oils or flavorings to improve the taste. They may look and feel very similar to other types of CBD oil, but not all CBD oils are made with alcohol.

How to use a tincture

How to Use a Tincture

Tinctures are highly concentrated, so they should be used in small doses. The products typically come in bottles with a small dropper that allow you to measure out a tiny amount of liquid. You can mix the CBD into foods or drinks, or you can take it sublingually by applying it directly underneath your tongue. The sublingual method tends to be the fastest and most effective option.

Most people notice the effects of the tincture in 15 to 45 minutes. 



There is no specific clinical guide for CBD oil tincture dosages. When determining how much you should take, look at the potency of the product you buy. This can vary significantly. Some tinctures contain only 100 milligrams of CBD in the bottle, and others contain more than 5,000 milligrams.

For example, our Good Vibes product contains 8.33 milligrams of CBD per serving, and our Mega Good Vibes product contains about 83.33 milligrams per serving. The ideal product for you depends on what you hope to achieve with CBD and how long you've been taking it.

You can calculate the potency of the product by dividing the total CBD content by the number of drops in the bottle. There are about 20 drops in 1 milliliter. For example, a 30 milliliter bottle contains about 600 drops of liquid. If there are 800 milligrams of CBD in the bottle, you can divide 800 by 600 to find that there are about 1.33 grams of CBD per milliliter. Most products contain between 1 and 1.5 grams of CBD per milliliter.

Everyone has varying tolerances for CBD, so a dose that feels strong to you may not have as much of an effect on someone else. Weight and size can also affect your experience with CBD tinctures. A petite person generally needs a lower dose than a larger person. Most people take one to three doses per day.

You can't overdose on CBD, but taking too much may be uncomfortable. It's better to start with a lower dose and gradually increase it than to start with too strong of a dose and have a bad experience. Your body also may take some time to adjust to the CBD, so you should stick to the same dose for at least a week before deciding to increase it.

How to choose a product

How to Choose a Product

The CBD industry is not highly regulated. Unfortunately, there are some poor-quality products on the market. It's important to do careful research before buying CBD oil tinctures so that you choose a high-quality, trustworthy product that also best meets your individual needs.

A reputable CBD company should regularly test their products and make the testing results available to customers. The tests should come from a third-party laboratory to ensure the results aren't biased, and they should contain information about the potency and purity of the batch. The reports should be less than six months old so you know the results are relevant to the current products.

User reviews can also give you a better understanding of how a product works. You can read a mix of reviews on the manufacturer's website and on third-party sites to hear a range of opinions. Keep in mind, though, that everyone's experiences with CBD are different. Use reviews as a guideline, but don't expect your response to be exactly the same.

At SaibaDee, we are committed to providing high-quality, effective CBD products to our customers. We offer a wide range of products with varying strengths so everyone can find something that's right for them.


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