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A personal note from the founder of SabaiDee

Alon ShaboFounder of SabaiDee

As someone who always looks for ways to improve my mental and physical health, I started experimenting with CBD oil for myself.

I found that it helped me with my social anxiety, it helped me wind down and sleep much deeper, which helped wake up with more energy and clarity.

And it just made me feel more calm, relaxed, and in control of my life.

But when I started investigating the industry, I was shocked to learn that it was grossly unregulated…

There was nobody monitoring the fact that:

Lots of products on the market are contaminated due to poor manufacturing practices, and some contain harmful synthetic ingredients…

Labels can be misleading, and often times don't contain the ingredients listed on the label.

And lots of companies were not disclosing test results, where they sourced ingredients from, and what was REALLY in their products.

So the entrepreneur in me saw the opportunity to make a difference:

To start a company that…

Is transparent in everything it does…

To prioritize quality and purity of product, instead of using “filler ingredients” and selling lower quality product for a bigger profit.

And to give back to the world, at the same time.