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How to Buy CBD Oil

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How to Buy CBD Oil

Not all CBD oil products are made the same, and not all products have the same potency. There are several important factors to keep in mind as you learn where to get CBD oil and how to choose a high-quality product.

How to Choose CBD Oil

How to Choose CBD Oil

Before you start looking for a retailer or supplier, know what to look for in a quality product. Consider both safety and ingredient issues as you learn how to choose CBD oil.

Safety Considerations

For safety, these are the things to look for on the label or packaging:

  • Clear serving guidelines.
  • Instructions for how to consume or apply the CBD product.
  • Batch or lot numbers.
  • The product's expiration or "use by" date.
  • A full list of ingredients with cannabinoid content.
  • Storage instructions and consumption warnings.
  • Clear measurement of net quantity.
  • A THC level that does not exceed 0.3%.

The product should clearly state what it is intended for, such as a dietary supplement. As you prepare to shop, also keep in mind that some companies may have inadequate quality control or testing measures in place. The Food and Drug Administration has sent warning letters about this to several companies that have come under scrutiny for questionable products. You can find the FDA's annual lists of such companies here.

Quality Considerations

As you consider how to choose CBD oil, two important quality issues to consider are purity and potency. If you are looking for a more potent CBD oil product, look for purity. Many companies use cheap methods for extracting CBD to save time and market larger quantities. However, a purer substance is made by using food-grade ethanol for extraction. This helps preserve more of the cannabinoids. Another process that preserves more cannabinoids is supercritical C02 extraction. You can search for retailers or suppliers that offer these types of substances if purity is especially important to you.

Another factor that affects the quality and potency of the CBD oil is how the hemp is cultivated. For example, if it is cultivated in soil that is rich in heavier metals, the quality will not be as good. If the concentration of ground metals is high, it may not be safe to consume. Manufacturers that are knowledgeable and conscientious about cultivation often specify on their website how the hemp is cultivated. If you cannot find this information, you can call a customer service representative. Unfortunately, many CBD oil sellers buy and resell cheap products that they know little about, and some suppliers lack transparency or honesty about ingredient sourcing or hemp cultivation.

Where Can I Buy CBD Online?

Where can I buy CBD online

With so many retailers online, it may seem confusing to figure out where to get CBD oil. First, always ensure that a company is not on the FDA's list of recipients of warning letters. Research the company and see what customers are saying about them, in the form of reviews and social media posts. Also, find out how long the CBD brand has been in business. Compare the product selections and use the points in the previous sections to ensure that you find high-quality products with clear serving instructions and ingredient lists.

Where Can I Buy CBD Near Me?

buy cbd near me

Unless you live in a big city where CBD oil is popular, it may be hard to find a high-quality product locally. The easiest way to find a retailer or manufacturer near you is to search for “CBD oil near me”. Some stores may sell products from manufacturers that you recognize. Before you buy something, compare the cost of the product from the manufacturer with shipping. Some local retailers mark up the price of a CBD product high enough that you can save money by purchasing it directly from the manufacturer.

Now that you know how to buy CBD oil the right way, it’s important to know what to avoid. Watch out for companies that make unsupported health claims. If a company does this and does not have important ingredient sourcing and extraction information, keep looking elsewhere. 

Keep in mind that CBD oil and its effects are still being tested. Since CBD oil supplements have not been used for a long enough time for many long-term studies to exist, it helps to analyze reliable research findings that relate to the reason why you want to purchase it.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is CBD legal in all 50 states?

According to federal law, CBD Oil is legal in all 50 states.

Can You Buy CBD Online?

Yes, you can legally buy CBD online across the US as long as it is derived from industrial hemp (containing THC below 0.3% by weight).

What's your highest milligram amount/strongest CBD oil for sale?

Mega Good Vibes is our strongest tincture containing 2500mg of our highest quality, sustainably grown broad-spectrum CBD that's extracted from hemp.

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