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How to Make CBD Tea

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How to make CBD tea

CBD oil has become a daily part of many people’s lives, but there are people who don’t like taking oils or tinctures every day. If you’re hesitant to try CBD oils because of the taste or just want to change up your CBD routine, a tasty CBD tea might be just the ticket.

You already know drinking tea is good for your mind, body, and soul. Now, you can make tea even better by infusing it with CBD oil. Get the benefits of CBD in a tasty blend that’s easy to work into your daily routine.

What Are Some CBD Tea Benefits?

Tea is good, and adding CBD oil can make it even better.

Most people who make wellness a priority already enjoy tea as part of their diet. They enjoy tea for its health benefits and as a ritual that can calm their nerves and soothe their minds.

Research says tea is high in polyphenols, anti-inflammatory ingredients and antioxidants. Tea can help you fight diseases. It’s also known for its ability to soothe muscle cramps and take an edge off your hunger. Tea with caffeine can perk you up, and herbal tea can help you sleep

Even if you don’t normally drink hot tea, you might enjoy the refreshing taste of an iced tea on a scorching summer afternoon.

What Kind of Tea Can You Make Into CBD Infused Tea?

You can make CBD tea with any tea you like. The recipe we’ve included here works amazingly well with green tea, chamomile tea, peppermint tea, black tea, chai tea and matcha.

making CBD Tea

How to Make CBD Tea

Here’s a simple recipe for a tasty tea infused with CBD oil.

Keep these pointers in mind when you use CBD oils in recipes:

  • CBD oil and hemp oil don’t mix with water. When you cook with them, you must use milk, butter or another high-fat ingredient if you want to blend them into something.
  • Never boil CBD oil or hemp oil. This will damage the nutrients and spoil the taste.
  • Adding fat to your tea is the only way to be sure your body absorbs the cannabis compounds. Use cream or milk to get the most out of your CBD tea.

Brew Up a Cup


  • CBD oil.
  • Milk, cream or other dairy product. Vegans can use substitute milks.
  • Cinnamon sticks.
  • Butter or oil.
  • Honey.
  • Water.

Step-by-Step Instructions 

Step #1: Boil the water. Use one cup of water for each serving of tea.

Step #2: Place one cinnamon stick, one serving of cream and one teaspoon of honey in each cup.

Step #3: Add the amount of tea you want to the boiling water. Let it steep for three to five minutes.

Step #4: If you’re using tea bags, remove them from the pot. If you used loose tea, you will need to strain it. You can also brew the tea in your regular teapot.

Step #5: Pour tea into cups. Add CBD oil to each cup. Stir and enjoy. 

Get All the CBD Tea Benefits

The cream and butter add richness that make this tea enjoyable to drink. They're not just there for taste, however. Adding fat is essential to getting the full CBD tea benefits.

Using cold water won’t release the cannabidiols. If you prefer iced tea, you must first brew hot tea, add the CBD oil and then let it cool down.

How Many Drops of CBD Oil in Tea Do You Need?

There’s no hard and fast rule for determining the dosage of CBD oil you need. There are guidelines, but the final answer depends on factors like your body weight, medical conditions, other supplements you’re taking and the effects you hope to achieve.

We recommend using the standard starting dosage of 2 to 5 mg. That’s just one or two drops. Start there and then adjust up or down depending on your results.

What Does CBD Tea Taste Like?

This recipe adds honey, cream and cinnamon for a sweet flavor that most people will enjoy. It’s even better if you use SabaiDee oils. Here’s why.

Most CBD oils have the bitter, earthy taste of cannabis. In fact, taste is one reason people are hesitant to use CBD oils.

At SabaiDee, we make great-tasting CBD oils. You don’t have to hide the taste because ours have a fresh flavor that makes them easy to take. We use coconut oil and peppermint oil as the base for our Good Vibes oil and our Mega Good Vibes oil.

What Kind of CBD Oil Should You Use?

Most of our oils have a slightly minty flavor. If you don’t want that in your tea, try our Pure Good Vibes unflavored oil. It has a slightly earthy taste reminiscent of green tea.

If you want a potent CBD tea, make it with our Mega Good Vibes oil. At 2500 mg, it’s a powerful combination of beneficial CBD, terpenes, vitamins and omega fatty acids.

Vary Your Recipe for Different Results

Vary Your Recipe for Different Results

Now that you know how to make CBD tea, you can experiment with different types of tea to get different benefits. 

Use the Best CBD Products for the Best Results

If you want to make an exceptional CBD infused tea that tastes great and delivers all the benefits of cannabis, you must start with a good CBD oil. There are many CBD oils out there, but only SabaiDee's products are:

  • Sustainably sourced and grown.
  • Rigorously third-party tested.
  • Completely natural with no additives or fillers.

When you buy our Good Vibes or Mega Good Vibes products, you're buying the best CBD oils you can find.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Drops of CBD Oil in should you put in a cup of tea?

We recommend using the standard starting dosage of 2 to 5 mg.

Does CBD tea taste different from regular tea?

Depending on the flavor of CBD you're using, CBD tea should not taste much different than without the dropplets

When do I Add the CBD Oil to the cup of tea?

Add the CBD Oil dropplets after the tea has been brewed, never boil CBD oil or hemp oil. This will damage the nutrients and spoil the taste.

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