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CBD Oil in Hawaii

After the 2018 Farm Bill was signed into law, CBD products were spread far and wide across the United States. Now you can find retailers selling CBD products of all descriptions in every US state, including Hawaii!

While the nascent CBD industry has spawned no shortage of brick and mortar retailers who stock their shelves with CBD, the best place to buy this new favorite supplement may be closer than you think.

Instead of rushing out to the store to buy your next batch of CBD, you may want to take advantage of your ability to purchase some of the finest CBD to be found anywhere directly from your web browser and have it delivered straight to your home in Hawaii.

Let’s take a look at why.

The Best Source Of CBD In Hawaii

Any time a product makes its way to a brick and mortar retailer, there are some markups involved. The product has to be shipped, stocked, and the retailer needs to take a cut. All of these expenses are passed on to you, the consumer.

Because shelf space is limited and retailers are only willing to stock a limited supply of CBD products, your access to the full catalog of CBD goodies is also severely restricted when you try to buy in person.

All of these drawbacks result in a more expensive product and a diminished selection for the consumer.

Not to mention the hassle of finding a reliable shop and commuting there and back every time you want to make a purchase!

How Sabaidee Does CBD Better

Not only have we simplified the process of shopping for CBD and offered exceptional savings, we also give our customers access to a quality of product which you are unlikely to find anywhere else.

While some manufacturers are all about profit, at Sabaidee we are all about product. That means making the finest CBD we can possibly produce and taking pride in getting it to our every customer.

All of our CBD starts its life being grown on a small organic hemp farm in Colorado Springs, Colorado. By producing a carefully cultivated strain of hemp in small batches, we make sure that every hemp plant which makes its way to our processing plant is grown with love and care.

When it comes time to process, we take things just as seriously. Relying on a space aged technology known as CO2 extraction, we heat and pressurize harmless CO2 to be used as an extraction agent to produce super pure CBD oils.

Because we never use any harmful solvents or potentially toxic chemicals, you never need to worry about anything contaminating a Sabaidee CBD product.

But we don’t blindly trust our process, either. We verify our quality and lack of contaminants in every batch with a two stage testing process which first uses our in house gas chromatography test and then verifies these findings through an independent third party laboratory.

We finish off the process by combining our super high quality CBD oil with other premium ingredients to produce our tinctures and relief rubs.

Want to see for yourself what its like to have the best CBD in Hawaii? Place an order today!