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CBD Oil for Migraines: Risks, Benefits, and How to Find Relief

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If you suffer from migraines, then you know exactly how debilitating it can be. And often, painkillers do little to alleviate your painful symptoms.

Motivated by the worry about the effects these drugs could have on your system or the desire for something more effective, you may have started looking around for alternatives.

While researching, you’ve uncovered CBD oil for migraines. Besides knowing that CBD comes from cannabis plants, you probably have limited knowledge of the actual product.

So here’s the million dollar question:

Does CBD oil help relieve migraines? And if so, how can you benefit from it? What are the risks?

Here, we discuss CBD oil in detail so you can determine whether it’s right for you.

Legality of CBD oil

You may be worried about the legality of obtaining CBD oil since it’s closely related to marijuana. However, because it comes from hemp plants, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s completely legal for you to purchase CBD oil.

This is because it’s covered under the 2018 Farm Bill. While hemp used to be a controlled substance, this law changed hemp to an agricultural commodity.

Psychoactive effects

Let’s get this out of the way now: CBD oil will not get you high as marijuana does. This is because CBD comes from hemp plants, which has lower levels of THC and higher amounts of CBD. As you can guess, THC is the component that gets you high.

Although CBD oil won’t get you high, some may have enough THC content to make you fail a drug test. So if you’re in an industry where you’re regularly tested for drug use, you’ll want to make sure you purchase your CBD oil from a company that not only has quality products but also thoroughly tests them.

Benefits of using CBD oil

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Much of today’s medicines have toxic chemicals. This may be acceptable if you only use them once in a while, but when you regularly have migraines, those chemicals can start doing a number on your body.

The main benefit of using CBD oil for your migraines is the lack of pharmaceutical-grade chemicals. These can have nasty side effects, which don’t help while you’re combating a migraine.

CBD migraine study

Again, because CBD comes from cannabis plants, there hasn’t been much research done on it due to legal obstacles. However, there are a few promising studies done that show CBD can be helpful in managing migraine pain.

The first is a study done in 2012. The researchers found that cannabinoids suppressed inflammatory and neuropathic pain. Although not directly related to migraines, this study still shows the potential CBD has for pain relief.

Another study done in 2016 demonstrated the effectiveness medical marijuana had on decreasing migraines. And a 2017 study found that cannabis taken orally could help with headache disorders as well.

Plus, many of our customers report feeling relief from pain and migraines using our products. You can read what they have to say on our reviews page.

Risks of using CBD oil

The great thing about using CBD oil for migraines is how little risks are associated with it. CBD oil is very safe and doesn’t have any severe or fatal risks.

Currently, the one main risk with using CBD oil is the uncertainty of potency. Because the CBD industry is relatively young, there’s still a lack of regulation in many areas. Research from 2017 found that around 70% of CBD products sold were mislabeled.

This is part of the reason we started SabaiDee - as an honest and transparent solution to a sketchy industry.

Although it wouldn’t kill you, inaccurate labeling of CBD content can lead to adverse effects since your dosing wouldn’t be correct. This is why it’s essential to source your CBD oil from a reliable and trustworthy source. We triple-test our products to ensure accuracy and potency.

How to use CBD oil for headaches and migraines

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There are a few ways people use CBD oil, such as:

  • Eating it by infusing into their food or drinks
  • Ingesting in a capsule
  • Vaping
  • Spraying or dropping it orally
  • Applying it on the skin

If you’ve decided to try taking CBD oil for migraines, you can use any of the above methods mentioned. It just depends on which one you’re most comfortable using. Oral ingestion has less of a chance for side effects, so this may be better to start with.

Best CBD strains for migraines

There are two main types of CBD on the market: CBD isolate and full spectrum CBD.

CBD isolate means the CBD’s been extracted from the plant and purified, meaning you won’t find other cannabinoids in it. On the other hand, full spectrum CBD means other cannabinoids are included in the product.

Full spectrum CBD is the best solution for migraines since not only does it include a wide range of cannabinoids, but terpenes as well. While previously believed that CBD by itself would provide the most benefits, having these extra substances in the CBD oil actually enhance them.

It’s called the “entourage effect”, which means all the components work together for maximum effectiveness. Here at Sabaidee, our products are full spectrum so you get the best outcomes when taking CBD.

CBD dosage for migraines

There isn’t a standard dosage when it comes to using CBD for migraines. If you’ve used CBD oil for other purposes before, you might have a good idea of what dosage is ideal for you.

But if you’re new to it, we suggest starting with a very small dosage. We recommend starting with one dropper full and assessing from there if you need more or less to get the desired results. That way, you can test it out with the least side effects possible. By starting with a low dose, you can also slowly up the amount to what works for you.

CBD edibles for migraines

If you’re not comfortable with vaping CBD, you can also make edibles from it to ingest. This can be a great option if you don’t like the smell or taste of CBD, even though our CBD tastes delicious.

To make your baked goods, replace the butter and oil in your recipes with our CBD oil. We suggest starting with small amounts to get a feel for how much you should use in your edibles.

Possible side effects

When compared to painkillers, the side effects list for CBD oil is a lot shorter. The potential side effects you may experience depend on what method you take the CBD oil.

If you vape it, you might experience:

  • Coughing
  • Wheezing
  • Difficulty breathing

If you eat it, you might experience:

  • Drowsiness
  • Stomach pain

Try CBD oil for migraines

As you can see, CBD oil has a multitude of benefits without much risk. Although there are some unscrupulous CBD distributors out there, you can easily avoid purchasing low-grade or mislabeled CBD oil by doing your research and buying only from trusted vendors.

CBD can certainly be a powerful natural solution to help with your migraines, especially if you want to avoid pharmaceutical drugs. As a starting point, we recommend ordering a bottle of Good Vibes 250+mg and taking 1-3 droppers daily.

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